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 Suggestions for PVP

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PostSubject: Suggestions for PVP   Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:44 pm

After doing some mass pvp's with you guys, i have some suggestions to say.
We still have problems in communication and getting ppl to the fights.

We have vent, it's great, but it's useless when people spread all over the channels in mass pvp. So next time when you call up people, please also state what vent channel we are using for that fight so people can join.
Ex: mass pvp at mos, RaidGoz channel
need all ppl at LOA, Sixpounder channel

When you call up for help, and people ask for party, pt leader please response such as "my pt full, make new one", "I don't want you in my pt", or invite them. Getting people into party is a good thing. It help people to know the exact location the party is, assist each other better and more than that, let them know that their help is considerate. A lot of times you guys call for help and people ask to pt them but get no invite or response.

In the fight, please be patient and follow the group tactic. When everyone agree not to flag until the signal, please don't fucking flag. This usually happens in the fight that we got outnumbered or disadvantages in gears so that we have to wait for the right moment to atk. When you flag there are 2 outcomes:
- it will cause everyone else to flag as the moment we need hasn't come yet ->> we'll lose.
- We can just stand there and let they kill you but we'll lose 1 more person. maybe the bishop will res you but it will reveal its identity. We just get more disadvantage to ourselves.
If you want to pk someone, it's fine, but please let everyone know before you do it. Keep in mind that we do our best not to let you lose stuffs but no one will be responsible when you lose your shits.

That's all i can think of right now. Good or bad, praise or flame, just jump in and discuss.
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Suggestions for PVP
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